Walking Weapons of Destruction

Creator’s Creation: Craftsman fanning coals, Isaiah 54:15-17
Creator’s Creation: Craftsman fanning coals, Is. 54:16
  1. express complete disapproval, typically in public,
  2. to sentence someone to a particular punishment, especially death;
  3. to force someone to endure something unpleasant;
  4. prove or show the guilt of;
  5. and to officially DECLARE something/someone to be unfit for use.




#slavegirlROYALwalk •#OBDNT • #TRUEWorshipper • #LOVERofLepers • #FriendtotheFriendless • #PEACEmaker•#KingdomBuilder

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Mahoganie Jewel

Mahoganie Jewel

#slavegirlROYALwalk •#OBDNT • #TRUEWorshipper • #LOVERofLepers • #FriendtotheFriendless • #PEACEmaker•#KingdomBuilder

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